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About PaperFlow

What We Do

PaperFlow® uses the most advanced AI technology to help enterprises intelligently process documents, extract relevant information and automate workflows.







Who We Serve

PaperFlow® is ideal for organizations dealing with a large amount of unstructured data and documents. It augments human decision-making, improves process efficiency and substantially decreases turnaround time.


Extract policy data manage account openings and make automated claims-related decisions based on policy information and requests received.


Read through process documents and improve the turn around time by sifting through databases and cross refencing documents.


All health records can be stored in a database for macro analysis and empirical evidences. A cognitive automation can help practitioners diagnose quicker.

Banking and Financial Services

Automate CTS systems by extracting and validating amounts, dates, payee names and signatures. Extract key information from documents and records.

Use Cases

Financial Reports Analysis
Data Extraction From Bank Statements
Insurance Policy Generation
KYC and Signature Verification
Automating CTS Systems

Financial Reports Analysis

Generate a summary of salient facts about a company’s health and performance from financial reports. PaperFlow® can extract important ratios from tables such as balance sheets, cash flows and income statements. PaperFlow ® generates deeper insights by reading through the financial notes and linking numbers with supporting text information.

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